Osteoarthritis affects us all

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About the Foundation

The Osteoarthritis Foundation is a private foundation established in July 2015 by health professionals, scientists but also patients.
The Foundation is a nonprofit organization mainly devoted to fighting osteoarthritis without neither distinction on grounds of language, region or race nor political, philosophical or religious considerations through educational, scientific, philanthropic and humanitarian initiatives.

Our missions

In pursuit of our objectives our missions will consist of:


  • organizing information, prevention and health education campaigns for the general public;
  • educating physicians and medical social workers;
  • organizing, promoting, collaborating on or coordinating any action or initiative aimed at fighting or preventing osteoarthritis;
  • providing psychosocial and financial interventions for people with osteoarthritis and their relatives;
  • encouraging scientific research in the field of osteoarthritis;
  • enhancing awareness of the Foundation and our missions;
  • representing the interests of the scientific communities and patients in various forums;
  • joining forces and collaborating with any institution or organization pursuing the same objectives.