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Jean Henrotin Prize

The "Jean Henrotin Prize" was established by the Oseoarthritis Foundation in 2017 and is awarded annually.

With a maximum value of 2,500 euros, it is intended to support a researcher conducting basic or applied research in the field of osteoarthritis.

The "Jean Henrotin Prize" can be used to cover the operating/equipment costs of the research or as a travel subsidy for participation in a scientific congress on osteoarthritis. 
It is awarded during the academic session of the Leon Fredericq Foundation's Scholarship and Prize Awards Ceremony, usually held in November.

If the jury decides not to award the prize, it may be postponed to a later year.

 - To be a researcher under 35 years of age at the time of application, holding a university degree and working in a laboratory/department of the University Hospital of Liege or the University of Liege;
- To carry out fundamental or applied research in the field of osteoarthritis;
- The application file must be submitted according to the procedures specified on the website http://www.fondationleonfredericq.be via the application submission and processing platform set up for this purpose: http://flf-facmed.optimytool.com.

The winner must submit a brief report to The Osteoarthritis Foundation describing his/her activities and mentioning the use of the award grant.

This award shall be used as:
- An operating/equipment credit to cover laboratory/departmental or scientific equipment operating costs: registration and travel costs related to training on the theme of osteoarthritis, purchase of office supplies, scientific books, computer equipment (software, computers...) or small research equipment and publication costs of scientific articles.
- A travel subsidy to subsidize participation in a scientific conference on osteoarthritis: registration, travel and/or accommodation costs.  
The payment of the "Jean Henrotin Prize" will be made to the account of the laboratory/department in which the prizewinner carries out his/her research.

The awarding of the Jean Henrotin Prize will be conditional upon the granting of a favourable opinion by the ethics committee(s) to the applications that require it.

An incomplete or late application will not be analyzed. 

The selection of the file will be made on the basis of a proposal from the Léon Fredericq Foundation and the evaluation submitted by the jury of the Osteoarthritis Foundation.

The jury is composed of members of the Board of Directors of the Osteoarthritis Foundation. It is chaired by Bernard Rentier, Honorary Rector of the University of Liège, and conducts its work and deliberations in accordance with these rules. Decisions are taken by consensus whenever possible and, if not, by secret ballot until a simple majority is reached. The Jury shall prepare minutes of its evaluation of the nominations with recommendations.

The winner of the "Jean Henrotin Award" undertakes in writing
- to make reference to the Osteoarthritis Foundation in publications (scientific articles, press releases, etc.) produced with his/her assistance;
- to make himself available to the Osteoarthritis Foundation to promote research within or outside the University Hospital of Liege or the University of Liege;
- to give a presentation related to his or her research topic or to the progress of his or her work at an activity of the Foundation;
- to participate in the Awards Ceremony of the Osteoarthritis Foundation.

In the event of non-compliance with this commitment or with the present rules, the "Jean Henrotin Prize" must be reimbursed in part or in full.